Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Usually, Memorial Day kicks off summer activities like swimming and vacations, but this year it was just another weekend at home. The weather was great, so it was sad that our neighborhood pool didn’t open as usual. It is far from the same, but Julie picked up a little pool that the kids can at least splash around in on hot days this summer. The mini pool combined with a sprinkler, water guns, balloons, and the old fashioned hose should keep them busy.

We have a kid-sized fishing pole in our garage and Emery had been asking me to take her fishing for a while. Since there was nothing else going on, she and I went fishing at the small pond in our neighborhood. She lost interest pretty quickly when she realized you just sit in a chair and wait for the fish. We didn’t catch anything and I doubt she will be asking to go back any time soon.

It had been a few weeks since our last haircuts, so Carter and I badly needed one. Julie broke out the razor, turned the garage into a barbershop, and started buzzing. She does a pretty good job, but I sure hope to get back to a real barber soon.

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