Beautiful Weekend

Last weekend was a beautiful Spring weekend so we spent a good amount of time outdoors. Carter and I went on a long bike ride which Carter called “The Longest Ride Evvvveeerrrrrr.” It wasn’t that long, but definitely more than he is used to. The ride was much easier with his new geared bike compared to riding his fixed gear kids bike. Afterward, I took Emery on a hike to Knoch Knolls.  The park was busy, but we managed to avoid people and had a good time wandering the trails. Emery was all about running ahead and scoping out all the pretty flowers in bloom. At home, I spent all day Saturday putting up shiplap (still needs paint) in our dining room and Julie got dirty while washing windows on the house, cleaning our driveway of mulch stains, and planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs in our garden.  The house is looking great so it was well worth the time.


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