Peloton and Robots

Julie had a big weekend, she took a weekend trip to New York City with her friend Amanda. She got a lot of good quality time at her favorite place on earth, the Peloton Studio. She crammed in a bunch of workouts (4 cycle and 1 tread) and got to meet her favorite instructors afterward. Julie timed the trip so that she did her 700th ride live in studio!  She sat in the front row and got a shoutout from her favorite instructor Ally Love! 700 rides is amazing! I am extremely proud of all the hard work she has put in. It is probably going to take me another 5 years to hit that number. Even though I wasn’t there physically, I celebrated with her virtually. I did my 100th ride during one of the same classes live from our basement. It was pretty awesome.

Carter had a huge Saturday, his robotics team competed in the Vex IQ Challenge. They have to drive their robots on an 8’x6′ area and try to move boxes or place balls to get points. Here is a video that does a much better job of explaining it. There were 80 teams of 4 kids from a bunch of area schools. The gym and cafeteria was a madhouse for the entire day. Carter’s school sent 6 teams and came away with 1st and 2nd place! His team didn’t win but they did get their school’s Certificate of Excellence.


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