Weekend Catchup

I have been slacking the past few weeks so here is a recap of the last couple of weekends in February.

Carter and I ventured downtown to go to the Chicago auto show. It has been about 10 years since I last went and not much has changed. It is cool to see all the new cars but the show floors are so massive that walking around wore Carter out. Luckily Carter’s buddy Brendon was there otherwise we wouldn’t have made it as long as we did.

Emery finally started her ice skating lessons at Seven Bridges Ice Arena. Santa got her these lessons along with ice skates for Christmas so it has been a long wait to get out on the ice.

I took Carter and Emery to see Sonic The Hedgehog movie. On the way out of the theater, Emery was super excited to get a picture with Scooby doo because it is one of her new favorite cartoon shows. It is funny how everything comes full circle, Sonic and Scooby are both decades old and still cool with the kids.


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