The weekend…

I am watching the Blackhawks Playoff games and catching up on posts…

The weekend before our vacation we had a few visitors. Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer came up for the night, and went to one of Carter’s soccer games. Grandma and Grandpa Stubler had tried to come up with weekend prior to this, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the game was rained out. That evening, Julie and I got out of the house and went on a date to Cooper’s Hawk.

That Sunday, Carter was introduced to the game of Tennis and had his first lesson through the park district. He really enjoyed the sport and seemed like a natural when he was volleying the ball back and forth!

Emery is such a smart little cookie. Her comprehension skills are impressive and she really seems to know what is going on! When we pick her up at school, she runs for her jacket/book bag. When its time to leave the house, she eagerly tries to put her own shoes on. Also, she loves music. I predict she will be a dancer and follow in her moms footsteps! Every time music turns on, she can’t help but get her groove on!!

date night

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