Myrtle Beach

Our first family of four vacation was a success! We took a short 5 day vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. Carter enjoyed the plane ride as usual, and Emery did great for her first time in the air!

The resort we stayed at was perfect for families with little ones. The vacation was just as we imagined, what was that we didn’t do much but swim and relax most of each day. The resort had a bunch of regular pools and a couple of really nice kiddy pools, equipped with slides, boats, dumping water, and shallow spots – perfect for both kids! Carter was truly a little fish and he swam non-stop!

The resort had planned activities each day. Carter was able to do some crafts, and have a fishing frenzy where he ran around scooping up fish with a net! We had picnic lunches at the pool!

Each night after dinner, we did some mini-golf at the resort. Carter was loving it! He even managed to get a hole-in-one. I am sure he still doesn’t really realize what a big deal that is!

We went to the ocean a couple of times for short visits. Carter hopped in the ocean for the first time! He was a little timid at first, but once he got a little more comfortable, he was really liking the waves. He also enjoyed building sand castles and burying dad with sand!

We hit up the boardwalk which is nestled along the beach and rode in the big ferris wheel. There is also this cool place called broadway plantation, where we spent time walking around, shopping and of course eating ice cream! There was also a nice children’s museum perfect for both kids to play.

Overall, it was a really nice, fun and relaxing vacation. Nobody wanted to go home! Until next time…







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