Bowling and Fishing

Carter and Emery’s school was closed for faculty development day, so we decided to spend the day at Grandpa and Grandma Stubler’s. Grandpa got a fishing pole for Carter, and so the boys all went to Baker Lake for some fishing. The weather was not in our favor, so we did not fish very long. We had a nice visit from Aunt Imogene, where Carter scored some Legos, and Emery got a cute little baby book that talks to her. We took a trip to the park and spent the afternoon bowling. Carter also enjoyed playing all of the games in the game room. When the claw game proved to not pick up a stuffed animal after jamming quarters in it, Grandpa gave Carter a direct route to the cardboard box full of animals for his choosing! Before we head home, we had a nice meal at Uptown Bar and Grill, in LaSalle.



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