Family Fun Weekend

Carter, Julie, and I decided to take a day off and go hang out downtown Chicago last Friday. We strolled around Millennium Park had a picnic in a nice shady area right next to Crown Fountain. The weather was amazing, so Carter got his swmisuit on and played in the fountains for awhile. Then we strolled on over to Buckingham Fountain and got some ice cream. While Carter has had ice cream many times, he actually experienced his first “brain freeze” that day. The expression on his face was priceless. He was taken by surprise and said “ouch ouch ouch” many times. Later in the week, out of the blue, he smiled and said that he liked getting a brain freeze. Ice cream is that good! Before we head home that day, we stopped at picked up Emery a gift at the Disney store. Carter picked out a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal for her that he brought to school to give to her when we picked her up.

On Sunday, all four of us went to Blackberry Farm, in Aurora. It was a very nice place that we had been talking about going to for two years. There was a lot for Carter to do, including seeing some animals, going on a train, paddle boat rides, a huge play structure with ziplines and more. Carter ran around and had a blast, while Emery was able to stretch out and play in the shade.

Also, Emery is really scooting around, it is time to get out the gates and lock down the house! She also loves to play with door stoppers. Check out the video below.





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