Merry Early Christmas

Due to our upcoming baby arrival, we are not traveling for the holidays this year. Instead of doing our usual Davenport/Lasalle-Peru roadshow, we asked the Zaehringer family to come up for a little early Christmas weekend.

The weekend started with Carter’s holiday program at school, where him and his classmates sang a few songs together.  After the program concluded, they made a craft, and had a cupcake.  Then, first thing on Saturday morning, we went to Edward Hospital for sibling class for 3-4 year olds.  Carter learned all the basics of taking care of his new sister. They made sure to highlight the need to not stuff legos in the babies mouth and not hold the baby up by their leg. He is going to be such a good brother.  When we got home he was wrapping up his puppy in a swaddle blanket,  just like they taught in class.

Immediately after class, we went to the clubhouse in our neighborhood to see Santa.  The Zaehringer clan met us before we went back to our house for the afternoon.  Carter had been talking about seeing Santa for days prior and was pretty excited to see him this year, but still ended up being shy when it came to sitting on his lap.  He worked so hard on writing his own Christmas letter this year.  Later that afternoon, the kids went outside to build snow forts and sling some snowballs around.  The nice fresh 5 inches of snow was great for packing. We wrapped the weekend up on Sunday with a gift exchange for the kids and nice lunch planned by Julie.  Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer stopped by so they could spread some spoils to all the grand kids.




carter and daddy at baby class

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