Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Memorial Day Weekend was way too short. The weather was kind of spotty but who doesn’t love an extra day off from work? I think we should have a Memorial Week.

As usual we hung out with the Wassmer family. This year was only for a day and it was at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI. This place was pretty neat. It had something for everyone… Grandpa got to fly a simulator, Grandma got time with the kids, Carter got to push a lot of buttons, Julie got to walk a lot, the cousins had plenty of things to learn and touch, Aunt Lisa got to lay on a bed of nails, and Brent… well… he got to push a lot of buttons. After a long day at Discovery World we ended up at a pizza joint called Transfer. The neighborhood wasn’t too much to look at but the pizza was pretty good.

On Monday Julie and Carter went to the Naperville Memorial Day Parade. I was the unfortunate one that stayed home to do yard work. The parade had Boy Scouts, Cars, Trucks, Bands, and Airplanes… O MY! Carter loved it but I was kind of mad they didn’t come back with any candy. Isn’t it required to have candy at EVERY parade?






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