Birthday x 3

Yes, I am a year older now and thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. I’m not the only one getting older, Julie’s dad and Piper King also incremented their age.

Julie parents came up and we ate dinner at Sullivans Steak House to celebrate the special occasions. I’m not sure you can get a bad meal there, as always the food was excellent. As an added bonus, Jim and I got a free dessert and the staff took a picture of all of us to remember the evening. As you can see below, the picture turned out pretty good.

Saturday morning, Carter and I went to Lowes Build and Grow to build mommy an awesome Valentine’s Day chore wheel. We have done a few of these in the past and Carter just loves hammering away at the wood. No hammered fingers yet but I’m sure that day will come eventually.

Saturday night we had our very first official (non-family) babysitter and went downtown Chicago to RPM Italian. This restaurant was made famous by being on the Giuliana and Bill Rancic TV show, so of course we had to try it out. This was another awesome meal in a pretty swanky restaurant. Unfortunately, Julie’s heart was crushed because she didn’t get to see Bill or Giuliana.

We followed up all these festivities up with Piper’s 1st Birthday on Sunday. More food, presents and cake… why not? Carter had a blast playing with all of the “new” toys. Hours of fun playing with things that he doesn’t have at home.


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