How did your 2012 resolutions end up?

I was thinking about my 2012 new year resolutions the other day and I could only remember one.  Julie had an awesome idea to make a resolution to bring reusable bags to the grocery store for every visit.  We did pretty good with this resolution but definitely did not do it 100% of the time.  In reality it was probably closer to 50% of the time we remembered to bring some bags.  How did your resolutions end up?  Good or bad?

I just looked back at my 2012 resolution blog post and I had another resolution to do a “30 day challenge.”  I didn’t really have a specific challenge in mind but doing a picture a day for 30 days or going 30 days without sugar always sounded challenging.  I completely forgot about this resolution so it was no where near completed. Maybe next year…

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