Raise the Jolly Roger… Unfortunately

To no one’s surprise, the Cubs lost this weekend to the Pirates. For those of you that are keeping score, that is Grandpa Stubler – 0 and Grandma Stubler – 1. Here is the recap for those of you that like to know the baseball details.

For Carter’s first game Grandpa loaded him up with some awesome Cubs gear. Carter now has a Cubs jersey, baseball, and Cubs Yearbook. All of these goodies can only ensure that he ends up being a true Cubs fan… A life full of sorrow and disappointment as they continue to lose for another century. 🙂

After we picked up the goods, we stood outside and watched the front gate of Wrigley Field. Carter was totally amazed with all the people flowing through the streets and into the park. After we entered the park and found the our seats, Carter was a trooper for most of the game. He stayed pretty content through the entire game and only got ants-in-the-pants syndrome about the bottom of the 7th inning.

After the game Carter found an giant Bear standing out side the field across the street. I thought he was going to run but instead he went right over and started holding the bears hand. We got a pretty good shot of the two as you can see below.

Thanks Grandma and Grandma for an awesome Cubs (Pirates) day.

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