Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve been getting pretty lazy with my posts because this one is a whopping 3 weeks late. Here is a recap of our weekend activities we had in the Dells on Memorial Day weekend.

Julie, Carter and I went up to the Wilderness Resort lodge and hung out with Grandpa/Grandma Wassmer and the Zaehringer family.

As expected the place was busy and all the pools were packed everyday. It was a tad chilly when we arrived so we opted to first visit one of the indoor pools. It had a few slides, a nice play area for the kids in the middle, and then a lazy river all the way around.

This was really the first time Carter has been in the water and he seemed to really enjoy it. We strapped him in his life vest and threw him in the pool. Well, we didn’t exactly throw him in. It took awhile for him to get use to all the people and the water. After a hour or so Carter was swimming around the lazy river, kicking like a mad man.

The next morning our whole crew went out to ride the Ducks. This excursion is something the Wassmer family has done every time that we’ve been in the Dells. The last time was over a decade ago and the ride hasn’t changed much but still fun. You drive through the forest then hop on the WI River to tour the rock formations and other historic sites. Everybody had a great time and we got some good pictures that are below.

Grandpa and Grandma took Carter on a carriage ride and then we all went out to the pool. Unfortunately the pool visit was cut a little short as Julie came to the conclusion that Carter had pink eye. A short trip to the local care center confirmed the pink eye. Poor Carter had to do drops for 10 days which he did not like at all.

Minus the pink eye, it was a good trip. It is always fun to hang out with the family.



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