Impromptu Disney Trip

What do you get when you have some free flights and a time share? An impromptu Disney Trip for 4 days.

We stayed at Vacation Village at Parkway. It was a nice little resort that was only about 10 minutes away from the Disney Park. The short drive made this a good alternative to the expensive on campus Disney Resorts. Besides staying off park, we also found a great website to help us find other money saving activities. Luckily we found this site that had the “top 10 free things to do at Disney”. As the title suggests there is a lot to do besides going into any of the parks.

Downtown disney was such a big hit we went down there twice. There were a bunch of restaurants, shops, and vendors along a big lake. This was a similar case for the Boardwalk. The boardwalk was a little less busy and just as much fun. The boardwalk goes around another lake and connects right to the south entrance of Epcot.

One morning we did “Breakfast with the Characters” at the Floridian Hotel. The hotel was amazing… it had a beautiful lobby and all the workers were dressed to match the old school decor. The breakfast was super fun because it was really the first time Carter met any of the costumed characters. He LOVED Pooh, but hated Tigger, Mad Hatter, Merry Poppins, and Alice.

We did go to one park, the Magical Kingdom. This place was just amazing. The park was in pristine condition and all the workers were so friendly. The decor and rides were perfect for Carter and he really seemed to enjoy it. We spent about 9 hours trucking around the park enjoying most of the rides.

Finally one day we ended up going to Fort Wilderness for the petting zoo. Unfortunately there isn’t a petting zoo anymore, but Carter was still able to ride a horse. Surprisingly the staff let me lead the horse around the park. First time I have ever done that! After the horses we had to go Animal Kingdom to get our last fix of animals. We only saw a few in their “sahara”, but it still did the trick for Carter.

Overall a very fun trip!

Here are some pictures:

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