Fun with Elmo and Chuck E Cheese

Been a little too busy this week to post anything so here is last weekend’s activities.

Elmo’s Super Heros was the highlight of last weekend. I’m pretty sure it was the most 90 minutes of fun that Carter has ever had. He wasn’t jumping around or smiling much but was definitely captivated by each and every Sesame Street character. He loved Elmo, Big Bird, COOOOOKKKIIIEEEE Monster, Grover… everyone! Super Grover lost his super powers and needed to find out that he had to eat healthy, bathe, sleep, and exercise to get them back. A really great time for all three of us.

On Sunday all three of us went to Peyton’s 3rd birthday at Check E Cheese. Happy birthday Peyton! Carter had a blast running from game to game popping tokens in. Not sure what was more fun, playing the games or just being able to put the token into the machine. The end result was one happy and tired kid on the way home.

Elmo and Chuck E Cheese Pictures:

After Elmo left the stage Carter started crying:

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