Great Weather = Busy Weekend

I’m sure like most of you, I was outside for the almost the entire weekend. It was a pretty awesome St. Patty’s day weekend. Although I loath the days I could hang out with my friends and drink green beer all day, it was really nice to spend the entire weekend with my family.

There was very nice weather but that also brings my formidable foe… pollen. There just isn’t a little pollen this year, there seems to be a jinormous amount of pollen. More pollen leads to bloodshot eyes and horrible sinuses. Now I’m left popping allegra like M&M’s.

Saturday morning Julie, Carter, and I went downtown Naperville and ran the St. Patty’s Day 5k. Julie and I switch off so it was her turn to push Carter for the race. According to the Results Page, Julie ended up with a 26.13 and I got a 25.32. Julie getting a 26 pushing a 40+ point stroller is amazing!

Sunday morning I started the day with a quick 18 mile bike ride with some neighbors. Then Julie, Carter and I visited some local playgrounds to burn some more energy off. Carter loves being a monkey, Julie hates Carter being a monkey. Every step or slide made her heart skip a few beats. The end result was Julie sweating and Carter passing out in the stroller on the way back home (pic below).

By Sunday night all three of us were completely drained and couldn’t wait to get into bed. All of us were out cold by 8 pm.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

One thought on “Great Weather = Busy Weekend

  • March 20, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Sounds like the little one got the best of his parents. Darling pictures.

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