Skiing in Colorado

I was in Denver last week for some meetings so I decided to take advantage of the situation and do some skiing. There are just so many great places to ski it took me awhile to decide which resort I was going to go to. After much debate and a recommendation from an old high school friend, I decided to revisit Copper Mountain. This was the same resort I proposed to Julie at 6 short years ago.

It was a Friday so the slopes weren’t too busy, the longest wait I had for any lift was only about 5 minutes! From what people were saying the weekends get pretty nuts so I’m glad I went on a weekday. No wait and snow that isn’t actually ice (like it is in Wisconsin) made for an amazing day. @bradclark, you missed out on a great time… 😛

I love the mountains… standing at the peak looking out across the mountain range is just awesome.

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