Christmas 2011

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! As usual we went to both family’s houses to celebrate. First was the Wassmer’s and then we went to the to the Stubler’s. After 4 days of opening presents the car was so overloaded with toys some had to be left behind. Poor Ali only had half a seat to sit on because there were so many toys crammed in everywhere.

Carter did a great job ripping wrapping off this year. He was probably so good because we practiced a lot leading up to this weekend. I’m pretty sure next year he’ll be even better and tear into them like a crazy animal.

In LaSalle/Peru, Julie and I finally took Carter up to the bowling alley to teach him all about the sport. He enjoyed the ball but didn’t really enjoy pushing it down the lane towards the pins. He tripped the buzzer a few times because he stepped passed the line trying to chase the ball. I hope Grandpa Stubler will teach him a thing or two because my bowling is about as good as my cooking… not good.

Here are some pictures.

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