Just Moved In

Finally! The boxes are starting to get emptied and our schedules are getting back to “normal.” This house is starting to feel more like home.

Big thanks to Julie’s mother, 3 rooms have already been painted. Carter’s room, Carter’s bathroom, and the master bedroom all got a nice fresh coat of paint. This weekend Sue is coming back for more and going to finish the kitchen. A fresh coat of paint really goes a long way in changing the feel of a house.

I was tasked with moving, of course, and changing all the doorknobs in the house. When we put boxes in the rooms my mom was there to help unpack and organize. All of the door hardware was original, which for 1996 was gold. The gold was toned down and classed up a bit with nice aged bronze levers. This weekend I have to change out all the hinges to match the fancy new levers.

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