Sitting, Standing and Crawling… A LOT

Carter has refined most of skills and is really proficient at sitting, standing (assisted) and crawling (army style). Julie and I find ourselves chasing him all over the house! Now is the time it is really important to have everything child-proofed. Plug covers are in, doors stayed closed, gates are up, and cabinets child locks locked.

The one skill he still hasn’t mastered is how to eat food from a spoon. Carter is getting better at eating hard cereal and fruit, but still hates seeing a spoon full of food coming towards his mouth. He doesn’t mind holding his own spoon, but if someone else is holding the spoon he freaks out.

One thought on “Sitting, Standing and Crawling… A LOT

  • March 8, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Getting so big. That’s funny he likes to feed himself only. 🙂

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