House for sale!

Our house is finally on the market. Will it sell? Luckily we aren’t underwater and luckily our house only depreciated about 5% from the original purchase price. It’s hard to accept that type of depreciation with all of the upgrades that Julie and I have done (mostly Julie). New appliances, larger/new bathroom, finished basement, and new carpet are just a few of the things that we’ve done.

It went up on the MLS last week and we just had the first showing last night. With high hopes we made the house look spotless, packed up the dogs, packed up the kid, and shipped off to Chipotle. The plan was to eat dinner at Chipotle until the interested buyers were gone. After dinner we went back to the house and anxiously waited to hear from our Realtor. Today we heard the news and it was inline with our expectations. The interested buyer(s) weren’t interested. The unexpected part of the rejection was that they didn’t want the house due to “religious reasons”. We totally didn’t expect to hear that!

Know anybody looking for a house? Here is the link to the listing:

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