Carter’s status report from school (written on 1/15/11)

We got a very nice status report from Carter’s school today. Miss Pat and Miss Adalys wrote:

Language And Literacy: Carter is a very quiet and observant child but is very responsive to his care givers when spoken to. He tends to respond with loud laughter or a big smile. Carter also enjoys being read to and is able to focus for long periods of time. He has started to recognize pictures of familiar objects and people. Carter has a favorite game he likes to play at feeding time, which is peek-a-boo. This is when we tend to hear him coo and vocalize different pitches of sounds.

Wellness: Carter has become quite mobile since the end of December. He is now able to roll both directions as well as pushing himself upwards with this hands. This enables him to move around and explore the environment. Carter is also able to move backwards as well as forward. The forward movement is more of a challenge for Carter. These are the gross motor skills we have observed. Through Carter’s mobility, he is able to reach and grab toys, take objects out of a container and hold objects with both hands. Through these, Carter is strengthening his fine motor skills.

The World And Me: Carter can play and amuse himself for short periods of time without our direction. He enjoys other children playing nearby and seems to like watching them, sometimes even trying to interact with them.

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  • February 11, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    That was a wonderful update from his teachers.

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