Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer came to visit

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa Wassmer came to visit. Actually they came up just to babysit while Julie and I went out to celebrate my birthday. Its works out for both of us… they like to get some time with Carter and we eat without Carter (sometimes). We ended up going to the Reel Club at the Oak Brook Mall and the food was excellent! It sure beat having fake meat tacos or little Caesar’s pizza. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming up!

In the past week Carter has really stepped up his crawling. He is almost able to do a full on crawl. Instead of alternating his knees, he just pushes off with both feet which usually ends up with a face plant in the carpet. We have a clip below demonstrating his lighting fast ability to chase keyboards. I’m not sure why, but he love keyboards. He loves going after anything with an LCD screen like a cellphone or computer too. It won’t be long until we have to keep all the doors shut and all the rooms gated like we are corralling cattle.

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