Jaxon is down to one kidney

Its been a rough few weeks in the Wassmer household. Carter has been sick off and on for almost 4 weeks (cold on top of cold, a bout of the stomach flu and an ear ache to boot). I was sick last weekend and now Julie has something that is bothering her. To top it all off Jaxon has been urinating blood for over 2 weeks now. After a couple rounds of antibiotics, X-Ray, Urine tests and an ultrasound – we learned that he has a blockage to one of his kidneys that caused an infection which basically infected his left kidney called Hydronephrosis and destroyed it. Next Friday we will be taking Jaxon in to have a kidney removed. Thankfully, he was born with two and we are hopeful that he will live a long an healthy life after the surgery. Ali is the only one in our house that has been healthy (knock on wood) although we think she is still recovering from getting sprayed by a skunk this past October. Here’s to hoping the rest of 2011 is a little better for us!

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