Which Toy? I’ll take both!

Carter is growing up fast. He is eating solid foods (except vegetables) and on the verge of a full-on crawling. He hates vegetables! One scoop of peas and his mouth clams up tighter than a Tupperware container. Julie and I try to trick him by masking the vegetables with some fruit, but he figures that out real quick and lets us know by spitting it back at us. Sometimes, he’ll follow up the spit with a smile. He thinks its funny. Now the only way to get the green and orange goods in his body is to tickle him or make him laugh and then jam the spoon in his mouth.

Carter really needs proper nutrition to fuel his body because he’s scooting around more. He gets his butt in the air and then pushes up with with arms to move across the floor to get to his toys. He’ll do this inchworm like movement for about 3 or 4 feet and then give up. After a few rounds of this the only thing that will get Carter going again is his favorite toy, the cellphone.

Here’s a fun little video of Carter and his toys. I kept giving him the same toy and he couldn’t get enough of it!

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