Best 2010 Events…

What are some of your biggest memories of 2010?

Personally this year was big because we had our first child. I don’t want to drum on about the magnitude of this life changing event, but it is pretty awesome. Other than Carter popping into our lives I would also have to metion our good health all year. Besides a couple bouts with the flu, Julie and I managed to make it through the year without any major complications.

On a more global scale the stuff that immediately comes to mind is the BP Oil leak, Wiki Leaks, and the continuing wars in the Middle East. You can’t ever forget the largest environmental disaster ever. If this is forgotten it means the BP PR machine has successfully brainwashed everyone and brushed this horrible event under the rug. Wiki Leaks is a more recent thorn in the side of companies and governments around the world. This anonymous whistle blower site has released tons of secret information to the public. Now they are in a battle to keep the site active and on the internet while the governments chase down the supporters with legal threats. Finally the wars in the middle east. These things have been going on waaaayyy too long. I realize we can’t just pull all of our troops out, but I expected Obama to be doing it a little quicker. Make love, not war 🙂

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  • January 1, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    What a wonderful way to wrap up 2010.

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