Carter: Crib Escapes, Solo Sitting and… Pink Headbands?

This week was just like the past 20 weeks… exciting. Carter is a rolling over maniac. He rolls over when he’s playing and even when he is asleep. Per usual, Tuesday morning I went in to wake Carter up and I found that he rolled over in the middle of the night and had his arm hanging off the side of the crib. It looked like he was trying to escape, but failed and fell back asleep. Carter zero points, Crib one point.

Now that Carter has been fully trained at the rolling over dojo, he has moved on to sitting. Carter has been getting really good at solo sitting this week. He leans forward a lot but can sustain a sit for quit a while now. He loves sitting on the floor and staring at the dogs to move around the room. If Ali and Jaxon start playing with each other Carter will even start laughing.

Rolling over great… sitting good… fashion sense bad. Saturday we went over to our friends house to see their new baby girl Ella and somehow the baby’s pink headband got on Carter’s head. I’m no Calvin Klein, but I sure know that pink flowers aren’t Carter’s forte.

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