Carter: Rolling Over & Fun With Dogs

Last weekend was yet another first for Carter. He finally rolled over back to front! For the past week he has been almost getting there, but getting stuck on his side. Last Sunday I put him down for a nap and when I checked on him he was on his tummy looking around like it was time to play. Its awesome that he’s getting more mobile, but now we just need to watch him like a hawk. I guess its just more of an adjustment for Julie and I since he now likes sleeping on his side. I guess I would want to sleep in another position after laying on my back for 4 months.

The other thing that Carter has been doing is watching the dogs a lot. Every time he’s sitting and the dogs walk buy his head swivels to follow them. The other night Julie was sitting with Carter and he just couldn’t get enough of the dogs walking around. He was coo’ing, aahh’ing and laughing to what I found to be a pretty tame Jaxon and Ali. Of course we caught it on video, here it is:

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