Carter’s First Week at School and Julie Turned 30

I’m a few weeks behind on my posts… but here is an outdated one anyway.

Julie just turned 30 last week! Technically women always stay 29 so I guess she’s still 29. Even though Julie is perpetually now 29, we still went out to celebrate. We went out to a sushi restaurant in Naperville called Kiku. It was a really nice place with 2 sushi bars and about 6 different tables where a cook can perform for you like a Benihana. The food however is far from Benihana. Julie and I aren’t much for the raw stuff, we like our food cooked. Most of the time Julie likes her food burnt. After a few different sushi variety plates and a couple martinis, we were full and happy with this restaurant.

Carter also had a very successful first week at school. He seems to like the teachers and more importantly Julie likes the teachers. He seems to be happy everyday when we drop him off or pick him up. Julie has been trying to limit herself to only 2 calls a day so she doesn’t come off like that crazy mom. So far so good…

First day going to school


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