Labor Day Weekend Pictures

What did you do for your Labor Day Weekend?

Julie and I went back to Davenport to have a full weekend of Wassmer family fun. The significance of this trip is that this was the first long drive that we’ve taken Carter on. Trying to figure out all the logistics for this trip was definitely a challenge. We had to fit a whole house of toys into a small SUV and still be able to fit into the front seats and fit two dogs along with Carter in the back seat. I felt like I had 12 clowns to pack into a Volkswagen Bug. It became apparent why people need small school buses (minivans) when you have multiple kids. I’m sure the logistics of packing multiple kids for a trip rivals moving a small army to Afghanistan.

The trip and weekend went surprisingly well. Carter pretty much slept the entire trip there and back. The Welsh family reunion and Wassmer family photoshoots went really well too. I took most of the family pictures and the massive amount of reunion pictures are courtesy of my sister Shelly.

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