Carter in the Hospital

This post is a little different then the others, because the author is mommy! I had the absolute scare of my life earlier this week, but don’t worry we are all ok. Carter has been fighting a cold since last week and hasn’t really made much improvement. On Tuesday, he was acting a little “off” – he just wasn’t being his normal self that afternoon. I decided to call the pediatrician to try to get an appointment for later that day. While on the phone with the nurse, she instructed me to call 911. She thought Carter may have had a seizure. I couldn’t believe it. Home alone. My baby is 7 weeks old. He might have had a seizure??!!! And I’m calling 911! OMFG! While on the phone with 911, I kept thinking that maybe some day when all of this was over that I’d make it on an OnStar commercial – so I remained as calm as I could. For once, we caused the drama in the neighborhood – a firetruck and an ambulance rolled up a few minutes later with 6 paramedics. We went to the hospital. They poked and prodded my baby in 100 different places drawing blood, x-rays, urine samples, etc. They thought he was ok but wanted to keep him over night for observation. During that night they ran a sleep study (PH Probe) to determine if part of the problem Carter has been having is acid reflux. That involved tubes in his nose down to his chest for 12 hours. It was painful to watch him have to go through that. Thankfully, the study came back normal, he doesn’t have acid reflux. They also did an EEG to determine if Carter had a seizure, or if his startle reflexes have the potential to be seizures. They don’t, thank God. So now we are all home. Carter has to take some Zantac which he is definitely not a fan of a few times a day now. We are hopeful that when the cold passes, Carter will be back to his normal self and mommy can relax again!

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  • August 13, 2010 at 8:53 am

    I’m so glad everything is okay with Carter. He sure is tough little guy still smiling and looking in good spirits even with the tubes and monitors in him. 🙂 Keep us updated on his status.

    Love you guys,
    Brad and Lilly

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