Thoughts on Baby Talk

This weekend it struck me that Julie and I are speaking a completely new language, Baby Talk. I knew this existed but didn’t realize it was so contagious. Just out of no where words started popping up. We now refer to a diaper as a “dipe dipe” and food is now “nom nom’s”. This Baby Talk is similar to our Dog Talk, but we only use it to talk to Carter. It got me to thinking if Baby Talk is somehow slowing down Carter’s language development.

What is baby talk? Well our friendly Wikipedia defines it as:

Baby talk, also referred to as caretaker speech, infant-directed talk (IDT) or child-directed speech (CDS)[1][2][3][4] and informally as “motherese”, “parentese”, or “mommy talk”), is a nonstandard form of speech used by adults in talking to toddlers and infants

So… Is it good or bad? As I suspected there are a lot of opinions out there regarding Baby Talk. A simple search on Google for “Is baby talk bad” and I found a ton of information. From what I’ve read it seems as though any communication with a baby helps it develop communication skills. Even if the words aren’t exactly correct English, it still helps to talk to your baby.


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