Finally Home!

We finally came home today and introduced Jaxon and Ali to Carter. They look at him like he’s a rabbit so I sure hope they don’t think they can eat him. They were super excited and just wanted to lick and sniff his skin off. The dogs were showing a little jealously when we were holding Carter, but I think with a little time both of them will come to love him as much as we do.

Overall the day has been really good, Carter only cried for about 5 minutes. He had a few messy poops and yes he has already shot piss all over the wall. The geyser snuck up on us and we’re totally unprepared to block it. Now he is in the crib for the first time and we’re watching the baby monitor like hawks. I hope he doesn’t keep us up all night but I’m sure he will.

We are both super happy!

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